Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day & time for more Pet Pics

This is Karly. She is SO sweet! She came here as a foster. Obviously, that didn't last long. She is yet another of my "Failing Fostering 101" babies. All that means is that we fell in love with her and wanted her to stay with us. It was really Karl who failed first though. We had Willie and he was still pretty young. Karly and Willie played together ALL the time since they were the only two youngsters here. Well, someone had inquired about adopting her. I told Karl and he got sort of upset. He came back with all this crap about how bonded Karly and Willie were. Well, dogs adapt alot quicker than humans do and I told him that both Karly and Willie would be fine if Karly was adopted. He would NOT go with that so we adopted her! I LOVE this picture of her (above). Her little eyes are so sweet and expressive.
This picture (above) was taken not too long after she came here. You can see the puppy look still in her face. That, and her fur is still really short. Karly is a long hair Dachshund. She has a birth defect too. Her little back legs are sort of "wonky". Her tail is too! Of course, none of that keeps her from running and playing like a wild woman!!!! She just walks a little funny. I call her my Super Model because her little butt sort of pokes out some and she has a wiggle to her walk. It reminds me of those super models on the runways with those HIGH heels on and the way they walk with their butts jiggling back and forth!!!! Her tail is wonky too. Instead of hanging straight down as Dachshund tails are supposed to do, hers sticks up and then sort of curves over. Instead of wagging her tail she waves it. In other words, her tail goes sort of up and down instead of back and forth as most dog's tails do.

This picture was taken out in the garden last summer. You can see how she has lost all that puppy look about her face and you can also see that her coat has filled in quite well. You might also be able to see her tail as I was explaining up above. That sort of "puff" over on the back left (your left) of her is her tail. See how it comes up and over instead of hanging down. You might also be able to see how her back leg is sort of different looking. It almost looks like she's bow-legged! Anyway, this is Karly. She will be 3 years old on May 11. She is THE sweetest little girl ever and she sure doesn't let her birth defect stop her or slow her down! We should all have her attitude about the trials in our lives!

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  1. Awww....she's precious....beautiful! Sweet story. You can tell she's a sweetheart.


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