Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pet Day - Miss Emma

Well...I've done it again! Saturday is supposed to be Pet Day here at Pawsitively Happy Stampin' but I missed posting yesterday. So, again this week, Sunday is Pet Day!
This is Miss Emma. She is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is VERY sweet! She's also quite old. I adopted her from FlawDogs Rescue down close to St. Louis, Missouri (that's the same rescue that 85 came from - I posted about her earlier). I don't know for sure how old Miss Emma is. They (the folks at FlawDogs) got Miss Emma from a puppymill. I dont' know if it was a "raid" or if the people (I use that term loosely as those people aren't quite human in my opinion) gave her up because she was too old to produce puppies. Miss Emma is also VERY small. She might weigh 5 pounds soaking wet! Most Yorkies these days are really small though.

Miss Emma has no teeth because of her age and because of poor care in her earlier years. That's no problem for her as far as eating goes though. I just soak her dry kibble in some broth before feeding her.

I do think she's also pretty close to blind now. One of her eyes is completely white. The other is getting pretty close to being completely white. I do think she sees at the very least shadows. She has no problem moving out of the way if you walk close by her. So, it's either that she can at least see shadows, or, like humans that end up blind, her other senses have kicked it up a notch. She could very well "feel" me or hear me even though I'm not making any noise that you would think could be heard.

Anyway, she is a sweet little thing. She can be quite bossy though! SHE tells ME when it's time for bed! See, each night I give out "bedtime treats". All of the kids know this. Well, when Miss Emma is ready for her bedtime treat she comes and sits right by my feet and starts "grumbling" at me. I'll get up and walk towards the kitchen to get the treats and she follows right along. If I take too long she starts "grumbling" again. We do the bedtime treats back in my bedroom. She follows me back there along with all the others. I give her treats to her up on our bed since she's so small and I don't want her to get trampled by the bigger kids here. She "grumbles" at me until I pick her up and put her up on the bed. She eats her treat and I put her back down on the floor so she can toddle off to her little bed. I do watch her very carefully while she's up on the bed to make sure she doesn't step off the edge of the bed. As small as she is she could really hurt herself if she fell off.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Technique Junkies - Shimmers Direct

OK....I'll be the first to admit that I didn't really think this through very well. I now wish I had used a color other than Basic Black for the card. And, I wish I had used a different color of re-inker! I LOVE a black and white card! But, since I used black and white for the cardstock I felt I should keep the Shimmer Paint in the same family. See, if I had used, oh, let's say Pixie Pink instead of the Basic Black then I could have used any pink color to "color" the Shimmer Paint. As it is, it just looks like I used silver metallic ink! Oh well, live and learn. The technique is called Shimmers Direct. Basically you take a color of the Shimmer Paint and add re-inker to "color" it. Then, you use your brayer to apply it to your stamp. Here are the products I used to make this card:

Stamp set: Fresh Cuts

Cardstock: Basic Black, Whisper White

Ink: Basic Black

Other: Frost White Shimmer Paint, Basic Gray re-inker, brayer, Basic Black satin ribbon, Stampin' Dimensionals

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Medallion Butterflies

Good Morning all and welcome to another week! This will be the first full week of Spring! I sure hope the weather here in Missouri starts to feel more Spring-like! We got SNOW this past weekend! Good's Spring....NO MORE SNOW!!!!

Anyway, enough grumbling.....grumbling won't change anything anyway so might as well not grumble! The card above was inspired by a card I saw on Stampers Showcase some time back. That card was made by Judy Marshall. Here is a list of the items I used to make this card:

Stamp sets: Medallion, True Friend

Cardstock: Mellow Moss, Very Vanilla, Almost Amethyst, Barely Banana

Ink: Creamy Caramel, Mellow Moss, Barely Banana, Almost Amethyst (the Mellow Moss, Barely Banana and Almost Amethyst were used to sponge on the butterflies and leaves)

Other: Very Vanilla satin ribbon, Big Shot, Little Leaves Sizzlet, Beautiful Wings Embosslit, Color Spritzer Tool with Creamy Caramel marker, sponge, Stampin' Dimensionals

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday is Pet Day - Floyd

As promised earlier this week, today it's Floyd's turn! Floyd was a pitiful little thing when he came into rescue. He was born at a breeder's. The breeder had decided to put carpet remnants in with the puppies for the first time. I guess that was to give them something soft to lay on. Anyway, it didn't go well for Floyd. I'm not sure if it was the actual carpet fiber (like on a loop type carpet) or if it was that plastic type stuff they use for the backing but "something" came "unwound" and Floyd ended up getting it wrapped around one of his back legs. It ended up cutting off the circulation to that back leg. The breeder called Judy (the "head honcho" of 7 Bells Sanctuary) to see if we could take him into rescue. Judy agreed! Floyd would not eat when we first got him into rescue. We ended up having to water down some canned food so that it would squirt through a syringe with no needle on it. We basically had to force feed the little guy. He was with Judy at first. She had to get up multiple times during the night to feed him so that his blood sugar would not drop during the night. Well, I am up multiple times a night anyway so we decided to bring him here so that Judy could get some much needed sleep. We thought we may have to have that leg amputated. You can see in the picture below (or hopefully you can see) how bad that leg looks). I've put a white circle around it to help you see. It really was rather nasty looking. Our vet said that as long as he didn't chew on the leg we could wait and see what happened. Well, Floyd started chewing. The vet explained that there must have been at least some feeling in the leg because the "tingling" (like when your foot falls asleep) was what was causing him to chew. As bad as it sounds Floyd did chew the toes off that foot. I made the appointment to have the leg amputated but then I noticed some little fuzzy hair growing back. We decided to wait and see what happened. The hair growing back was a good sign! See the collar I made for him? That was to keep him from being able to reach that foot/leg! All it is is some chipboard covered with some fleece material! Floyd is doing GREAT now! He eats like a little pig! And, as I said earlier this week, he just celebrated his 1st birthday! He has no toes on that foot so he does limp a little bit but he runs and plays and acts like a total mad-man!!!

This picture (below) was taken right after he came here. That is my hand on his back. From that you should be able to tell how really tiny he was!

See what a handsome little guy he is? You can see on that back leg that some of the hair is starting to grow back!

He just looks SO sweet in this picture so I had to include it! Know that saying about "looks can be decieving"? This picture proves it! He is SO ornery! He loves to play and run and he is quite a talker too! He will sit and look up at me and just start this whimpering/barking thing and as long as I look at him and start talking he will keep up the whimpering/barking. It really is like we are carrying on a conversation. Problem is....I have NO clue what he's saying!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learn About Butterflies Day I am REALLY late posting this! "Learn About Butterflies Day" is actually March is March 18! I really had intended on posting this on either the 13th or 14th! What? You didn't know that March 14 is Learn About Butterflies Day???? (grin) I have a whole list of really obsure holidays such as that. So, don't be surprised to come back here sometime and see me post something about some holiday that you knew NOTHING about! (grin) This card was inspired by a card I saw on Stampers Showcase quite some time ago. That card was made by Colleen Vancil. Here are the products I used to make this card:

Stamp set: Messages for Mom

Ink: Pretty In Pink

Cardstock/Paper: Melon Mambo, Pretty In Pink, Welcome Neighbor DSP

Other: Big Shot, Beautiful Butterflies die, Pretty In Pink satin ribbon

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LNS Blog Finds

Here are a few more blog finds from Late Night Stampers. Kelly Mayou scours the internet looking for really nice posts on blogs using Stampin' Up! products! Here are a few that caught my eye.

This is just TOO cute! You know...with the name of my blog being Pawsitively Happy Stampin' I would have to have this on here! This project was made by Jill George. Jill is also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. Click here to go see this project on her blog.

This card was made by Vicki Burdick. She is also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I LOVE this card! I am not one for LOTS of embellishments. I think too many embellishments sometimes makes a card look to "busy" and it distracts from the card. To me, this card is simple yet VERY elegant! Click here to go to Vicki's blog and see the details of how she made this card.

That's all for today. Well, except for one little thing. Check back this weekend for my "Saturday is Pet Day" post. Today is my little Floyd's birthday. He was in such bad shape when he first came here that we didn't think he'd ever make it to his first birthday (today). I'll explain this weekend when I post his story and some pictures of him!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, Saturday is supposed to be "Pet Day" here at Pawsitively Happy Stampin' but I decided to show you my swap cards yesterday. So, for just this week, Sunday is Pet Day! Today it is Buddy's turn to be "featured"! Buddy has a story too! Buddy belonged to some folks down around St. Louis. He had a good life as a loved member of their family. They decided to get another dog. I'm not sure just what happened but Buddy ended up being banished to stay in the yard instead of being able to live in the house. Finally, they decided to just get rid of Buddy. Buddy ended up with a rescue group down close to St. Louis. Because Judy, of 7 Bells Sanctuary, knows the ladies that run that rescue and those ladies know how much Judy LOVES Dachshunds, Buddy was transferred to 7 Bells Sanctuary. I don't remember now how long he was with 7 Bells Sancturay but he ended up with an approved adopter. That adopter was disabled so instead of her having to come to us to get Buddy we drove Buddy to her. Karl (my husband) and I went to 7 Bells Sanctuary to get Buddy. He stayed with us that one day and that night and we were to bring him to his new home that next day. Well, Buddy decided he LOVED Karl and that Karl should be his! He stayed right by Karl's side that whole day and night. We got up early the next day to drive Buddy to his new home. We got to the lady's house and visited with her just to make sure she and Buddy were a good fit. Buddy could do nothing but sit in Karl's lap. Buddy didn't care about his new home. When it was time to leave Karl got upset. Seems as though Karl had decided that he loved Buddy too! So the lady wouldn't see Karl crying (yes...the big guy started crying) he went on out to the van. Buddy ran to the door behind Karl and tried to follow him outside. The lady tried to get me to go ahead and take Buddy back with us. I told her to give it a try and see. Well, we weren't even half way back home when my cell phone rang. It was Judy. The lady had called Judy and told her that Buddy was very sad and that he would NOT leave the door. Buddy was watching out the door for Karl to come back for him. Judy told us to turn around and go back and get Buddy. Needless to say, both Karl and Buddy were VERY happy! We did find another dog for the lady so she was not out on having a little dog to share her life with! Buddy and Karl are like two parts of a whole! Buddy sits in the computer chair with Karl or in another chair close by ALL the time. I pick on Karl all the time by telling him that Buddy thinks the sun rises and sets out of Karl's back end! All Buddy wants in this life is to be close to Karl! The first picture below is of Karl and Buddy. See how happy they both are????

The picture below was taken the first day Buddy became "Karl's Buddy". It was taken out in our garden.

And, the picture below is also Karl and Buddy! Look at that smirk on Karl's face! He knows Buddy thinks that Karl is "the bomb"!!!! (grin)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monthly Card Swap

As I told you all last month, I am in a monthly card swap with some other Stampin' Up! demos. Each month has a theme or two that we make a card for. We make 7 of our chosen design and send them all off to Cathy Bell who is the swap co-ordinator. She then has the task of sorting through them all and mailing them all out to us. The first card below is the one I made for February's swap. The theme was either Easter or St. Patrick's Day. The name of the person who made the card is part of the image of the card. If I have their blog address I will add that just under the picture.

Kathleen's blog -

unfortunately I don't know the URL for Kim's blog - if someone who sees this does please let me know and I'll add it

I also don't have Laurie's blog URL - same thing though, if you happen to know Laurie's blog address please let me know and I'll add it

Well, that's it for the swap cards for this month. This post is so long that I didn't list the items I used to make my card. If you'd like to know what I used just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to write you and let you know.

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloomin' Beautiful 2

Actually, I made this card for one of the LNS challenges. I never did get it uploaded for that! Oh well! I still really like the card! The challenge was simply to use Designer Series paper! The patterened paper I used on this card is from the Sweet Pea DSP stack. There are alot of really nice papers in the stack....and ALOT of them too! This card was inspired by a card I saw on Stampers Showcase a long time ago. That card was made by Bethany Rozek. Here are the items I used to make this card:

Stamp sets: Bloomin' Beautiful, Teeny Tiny Wishes

Cardstock/Paper: Kraft, Rose Red, Whisper White, Sweet Pea DSP stack

Ink: VersaMark, Rose Red, Old Olive

Other: black embossing powder, Big Shot, Movers & Shapers die w/Modern Label insert, Modern Label punch, Scallop Trim Border punch, Tag punch, Small Tag punch, heat tool, AquaPainter, Stampin' Dimensionals

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Shot Daisies

This card was inspired by a card I saw on Stampers Showcase that was made by Kerry McKee. I SO love daisies! I don't remember now if Kerry used the daisy die from Stampin' Up! or not but I knew the minute I saw it that I was going to use this die! Here are the items I used to make this card:

Stamp sets: Well Scripted, Vintage Labels

Ink: Bashful Blue (sponged onto the Bashful Blue cardstock after running it through the Big Shot with the texture plate to bring out the texture better), Garden Green

Cardstock: Shimmery White, Bashful Blue, Garden Green, Confetti White

Other: Big Shot, Flourish texture plate (Background 1 set), Little Leaves Sizzlet, Flower Daisies #2 die, Movers & Shapers die with the Curly Label insert, Curly Label punch, sponge, Stampin' Dimensionals, Summer Sun Courdory button

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LNS Blog Finds

Every day Kelly Mayou of Late Night Stampers scours around the net and finds all sort of cool things for all of us at Late Night Stampers to look at! Here are a few from the last few days. These are ones that I saw and thought they were really nice!
These are origami flowers. There are some close up shots of the flowers on the blog. The blog is Stamp-n-Design with Lynn Pratt and here is the URL - - she also has links to websites where you can learn to fold each type of flower.

This one I just LOVE. Daisies are my all time favorite flower and I LOVE this stamp set (Upsy Daisy). This card was made by Lee Conroy. To me the card is simple yet elegant! The orange just gives it a nice POP! Here is the link to Lee's blog and her post about this card -

Well...that's all for this time! There were SO many to choose from that I had a hard time just picking a few! All you would need to do to get Kelly's Blog Finds each day is to sign up for the Late Night Stampers email list over at Yahoo! If you look over at my right sidebar you will see a button that will lead you straight to the place you need to be to sign up!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday is Pet Day - 85

This is 85! What a "story" she has! She was given to me by a lady that runs a rescue down close to St. Louis, MO. That rescue is called FlawDogs. 85 has had quite a sad life. She was found, wandering around in circles, by Animal Control. The folks at Animal Control know the folks at FlawDogs really well. They brought 85 to them. Everyone thought she was blind as it looked like she had no eyes. Well, the wonderful ladies at FlawDogs took her in, named her Angel and then started to clean her up by giving her a bath and a nice grooming. As they were cleaning up her face and trimming the hair they noticed some white flaky stuff around her eyes. They started picking at it to clean it off and then realized it was dried glue. YES....someone had SuperGlued this baby's eyes SHUT!!!! Can you believe someone could be SO cruel! They said that as soon as they got her eyes all cleaned up and her eyes opened she jumped down and ran to a window to look out! I have to think she was SO relieved that she could see again! I have a picture of her after they got her eyes open on my "personal" website. She had rubbed all the hair off her front paws and from around her eyes from rubbing trying to get her eyes open! If you'd like to see that picture (she looks SO sad) it's at

Now, they had named her Angel at FlawDogs. She didn't really know that name. I renamed her 85 and here is why! I am a HUGE NFL fan! My favorite team is the Cincinnati Bengals and my favorite player is Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco. His number is???....85! He even used to call himself "85" as if that were his name. Well, one day I could NOT find 85 (the black poodle...not Chad OchoCinco!). I was going all over the house calling her. I walked into my office and, as usual, I had NFL Network on the TV. They were playing a commercial that they used to play all the time about Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco. Part of the lyrics of that commercial asks "Where ya at 85?" Out of habit I started singing along. Just as I got to the part that says "Where ya at 85?" she poked her head out from under one of the Kuranda beds in my office! It was if she was saying...."Here I am!" So, her name became 85! Believe it or not she answers to that name too! She even answers to Ocho sometimes!

We think that whoever glued her eyes shut was a "stout" person. She does fine with me but she is DEATHLY afraid of Karl (my husband). She will also bark at my friend Judy sometimes. Karl is a big guy and Judy has sort of broad shoulders and is rather well endowed in the chest department (grin). It's not all men though. We had a guy come to install my receiver for DirecTV once and when he went in my office where she was she didn't bark at him or anything. She barks at Karl all the time. Well, she barks at him if he's standing up and walking. She doesn't seem to mind if he's sitting down. Karl doesn't like it that she's so afraid of him and that she barks at him but he does understand that she's scared. She NEVER tries to bite or attack or anything. She just barks and if he happens to be going towards her when she starts barking she keeps barking and runs to find a place to hide.

Here is one more picture of her. I know it's not a good picture. It is really hard to get a good picture of her. She seems afraid of the camera and will hide her face. It's also hard to get a good picture when what you are trying to take a picture of is solid black!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Technique Junkies - Mono Die

This is another technique from the Technique Junkies Newsletter. See the butterflies on the "background" that are the same color as the background. It almost makes it look embossed instead of die cuts from the same color on the background! Here are the items I used to make this card:

Stamp set: Whimsical Words

Cardstock: Bermuda Bay, Cameo Coral, Whisper White

Ink: Bermuda Bay, Cameo Coral

Other: Big Shot, Beautiful Wings Embosslit, sponge, Whisper White satin ribbon, Scallop Square punch

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thoughts & Prayers

I SO love the tree from this set! I don't know why exactly but I do really like it! So, I decided to make this "Get Well Soon" card to put away and save until someone I know gets sick! I have two boxes of cards like that! You know how it is....sometimes you need to send a card out but simply don't have time to make one. So, I have a "stash" to use for those times. Here are the products I used to make this card:

Stamp set: Thoughts & Prayers

Cardstock: Soft Suede, Certainly Celery, Very Vanilla

Ink: Soft Suede, Certainly Celery, VersaMark

Other: Certainly Celery satin ribbon, vanilla embossing powder, heat tool

All products made by Stampin' Up!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Greenhouse Garden

OK....I'm going back to one of my New Year's resolutions now! I resolved to use some of the stamp sets that I have that I'd just never used before. Greenhouse Garden is one of those sets! I saw SO many really nice cards and such that folks had made using this set so I just HAD to have it. I got it and then never used it!!! (I hope I'm not the only one that does that!) So, I pulled this set out and decided to make something with it. Here's the card I made! And, here's my "recipe":

Stamp sets: Greenhouse Garden, On Your Birthday

Cardstock: Barely Banana, More Mustard, Mellow Moss, Whisper White

Ink: Barely Banana, More Mustard, Mellow Moss, Old Olive

Other: More Mustard 1/4" grosgrain ribbon, Scallop Border punch, Scallop Oval punch, Large Oval punch, glue dots, Stampin' Dimensionals

All products made by Stampin' Up!