Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday is Pet Day - Floyd

As promised earlier this week, today it's Floyd's turn! Floyd was a pitiful little thing when he came into rescue. He was born at a breeder's. The breeder had decided to put carpet remnants in with the puppies for the first time. I guess that was to give them something soft to lay on. Anyway, it didn't go well for Floyd. I'm not sure if it was the actual carpet fiber (like on a loop type carpet) or if it was that plastic type stuff they use for the backing but "something" came "unwound" and Floyd ended up getting it wrapped around one of his back legs. It ended up cutting off the circulation to that back leg. The breeder called Judy (the "head honcho" of 7 Bells Sanctuary) to see if we could take him into rescue. Judy agreed! Floyd would not eat when we first got him into rescue. We ended up having to water down some canned food so that it would squirt through a syringe with no needle on it. We basically had to force feed the little guy. He was with Judy at first. She had to get up multiple times during the night to feed him so that his blood sugar would not drop during the night. Well, I am up multiple times a night anyway so we decided to bring him here so that Judy could get some much needed sleep. We thought we may have to have that leg amputated. You can see in the picture below (or hopefully you can see) how bad that leg looks). I've put a white circle around it to help you see. It really was rather nasty looking. Our vet said that as long as he didn't chew on the leg we could wait and see what happened. Well, Floyd started chewing. The vet explained that there must have been at least some feeling in the leg because the "tingling" (like when your foot falls asleep) was what was causing him to chew. As bad as it sounds Floyd did chew the toes off that foot. I made the appointment to have the leg amputated but then I noticed some little fuzzy hair growing back. We decided to wait and see what happened. The hair growing back was a good sign! See the collar I made for him? That was to keep him from being able to reach that foot/leg! All it is is some chipboard covered with some fleece material! Floyd is doing GREAT now! He eats like a little pig! And, as I said earlier this week, he just celebrated his 1st birthday! He has no toes on that foot so he does limp a little bit but he runs and plays and acts like a total mad-man!!!

This picture (below) was taken right after he came here. That is my hand on his back. From that you should be able to tell how really tiny he was!

See what a handsome little guy he is? You can see on that back leg that some of the hair is starting to grow back!

He just looks SO sweet in this picture so I had to include it! Know that saying about "looks can be decieving"? This picture proves it! He is SO ornery! He loves to play and run and he is quite a talker too! He will sit and look up at me and just start this whimpering/barking thing and as long as I look at him and start talking he will keep up the whimpering/barking. It really is like we are carrying on a conversation. Problem is....I have NO clue what he's saying!

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  1. He is a cutie and it was fun to meet him. How nice to feature him here and give him the spotlight. Give him a pat for me.


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