Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, Saturday is supposed to be "Pet Day" here at Pawsitively Happy Stampin' but I decided to show you my swap cards yesterday. So, for just this week, Sunday is Pet Day! Today it is Buddy's turn to be "featured"! Buddy has a story too! Buddy belonged to some folks down around St. Louis. He had a good life as a loved member of their family. They decided to get another dog. I'm not sure just what happened but Buddy ended up being banished to stay in the yard instead of being able to live in the house. Finally, they decided to just get rid of Buddy. Buddy ended up with a rescue group down close to St. Louis. Because Judy, of 7 Bells Sanctuary, knows the ladies that run that rescue and those ladies know how much Judy LOVES Dachshunds, Buddy was transferred to 7 Bells Sanctuary. I don't remember now how long he was with 7 Bells Sancturay but he ended up with an approved adopter. That adopter was disabled so instead of her having to come to us to get Buddy we drove Buddy to her. Karl (my husband) and I went to 7 Bells Sanctuary to get Buddy. He stayed with us that one day and that night and we were to bring him to his new home that next day. Well, Buddy decided he LOVED Karl and that Karl should be his! He stayed right by Karl's side that whole day and night. We got up early the next day to drive Buddy to his new home. We got to the lady's house and visited with her just to make sure she and Buddy were a good fit. Buddy could do nothing but sit in Karl's lap. Buddy didn't care about his new home. When it was time to leave Karl got upset. Seems as though Karl had decided that he loved Buddy too! So the lady wouldn't see Karl crying (yes...the big guy started crying) he went on out to the van. Buddy ran to the door behind Karl and tried to follow him outside. The lady tried to get me to go ahead and take Buddy back with us. I told her to give it a try and see. Well, we weren't even half way back home when my cell phone rang. It was Judy. The lady had called Judy and told her that Buddy was very sad and that he would NOT leave the door. Buddy was watching out the door for Karl to come back for him. Judy told us to turn around and go back and get Buddy. Needless to say, both Karl and Buddy were VERY happy! We did find another dog for the lady so she was not out on having a little dog to share her life with! Buddy and Karl are like two parts of a whole! Buddy sits in the computer chair with Karl or in another chair close by ALL the time. I pick on Karl all the time by telling him that Buddy thinks the sun rises and sets out of Karl's back end! All Buddy wants in this life is to be close to Karl! The first picture below is of Karl and Buddy. See how happy they both are????

The picture below was taken the first day Buddy became "Karl's Buddy". It was taken out in our garden.

And, the picture below is also Karl and Buddy! Look at that smirk on Karl's face! He knows Buddy thinks that Karl is "the bomb"!!!! (grin)

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  1. Susan, I follow Michelle Laycock's work and stopped by to see your new web design. It is so adorable. I will have to bookmark your site to come back again. Michelle did my website design too and I love it.


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