Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pet Day - Miss Emma

Well...I've done it again! Saturday is supposed to be Pet Day here at Pawsitively Happy Stampin' but I missed posting yesterday. So, again this week, Sunday is Pet Day!
This is Miss Emma. She is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is VERY sweet! She's also quite old. I adopted her from FlawDogs Rescue down close to St. Louis, Missouri (that's the same rescue that 85 came from - I posted about her earlier). I don't know for sure how old Miss Emma is. They (the folks at FlawDogs) got Miss Emma from a puppymill. I dont' know if it was a "raid" or if the people (I use that term loosely as those people aren't quite human in my opinion) gave her up because she was too old to produce puppies. Miss Emma is also VERY small. She might weigh 5 pounds soaking wet! Most Yorkies these days are really small though.

Miss Emma has no teeth because of her age and because of poor care in her earlier years. That's no problem for her as far as eating goes though. I just soak her dry kibble in some broth before feeding her.

I do think she's also pretty close to blind now. One of her eyes is completely white. The other is getting pretty close to being completely white. I do think she sees at the very least shadows. She has no problem moving out of the way if you walk close by her. So, it's either that she can at least see shadows, or, like humans that end up blind, her other senses have kicked it up a notch. She could very well "feel" me or hear me even though I'm not making any noise that you would think could be heard.

Anyway, she is a sweet little thing. She can be quite bossy though! SHE tells ME when it's time for bed! See, each night I give out "bedtime treats". All of the kids know this. Well, when Miss Emma is ready for her bedtime treat she comes and sits right by my feet and starts "grumbling" at me. I'll get up and walk towards the kitchen to get the treats and she follows right along. If I take too long she starts "grumbling" again. We do the bedtime treats back in my bedroom. She follows me back there along with all the others. I give her treats to her up on our bed since she's so small and I don't want her to get trampled by the bigger kids here. She "grumbles" at me until I pick her up and put her up on the bed. She eats her treat and I put her back down on the floor so she can toddle off to her little bed. I do watch her very carefully while she's up on the bed to make sure she doesn't step off the edge of the bed. As small as she is she could really hurt herself if she fell off.

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  1. She's a sweetie. Your pet day features are wonderful...helping me to get to know all in the pack a little more personally! What a wonderful thing you are doing to give these little guys a good home. I'd take a ton of them if I could. We're doing good here. You wouldn't recognize little Angel. She looks totally healthy and very, very happy. You should see her play. Call when you can come by...


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