Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monthly Card Swap

As I told you all last month, I am in a monthly card swap with some other Stampin' Up! demos. Each month has a theme or two that we make a card for. We make 7 of our chosen design and send them all off to Cathy Bell who is the swap co-ordinator. She then has the task of sorting through them all and mailing them all out to us. The first card below is the one I made for February's swap. The theme was either Easter or St. Patrick's Day. The name of the person who made the card is part of the image of the card. If I have their blog address I will add that just under the picture.

Kathleen's blog -

unfortunately I don't know the URL for Kim's blog - if someone who sees this does please let me know and I'll add it

I also don't have Laurie's blog URL - same thing though, if you happen to know Laurie's blog address please let me know and I'll add it

Well, that's it for the swap cards for this month. This post is so long that I didn't list the items I used to make my card. If you'd like to know what I used just leave me a comment and I'll be happy to write you and let you know.

All products made by Stampin' Up!

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