Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday is Pet Day - 85

This is 85! What a "story" she has! She was given to me by a lady that runs a rescue down close to St. Louis, MO. That rescue is called FlawDogs. 85 has had quite a sad life. She was found, wandering around in circles, by Animal Control. The folks at Animal Control know the folks at FlawDogs really well. They brought 85 to them. Everyone thought she was blind as it looked like she had no eyes. Well, the wonderful ladies at FlawDogs took her in, named her Angel and then started to clean her up by giving her a bath and a nice grooming. As they were cleaning up her face and trimming the hair they noticed some white flaky stuff around her eyes. They started picking at it to clean it off and then realized it was dried glue. YES....someone had SuperGlued this baby's eyes SHUT!!!! Can you believe someone could be SO cruel! They said that as soon as they got her eyes all cleaned up and her eyes opened she jumped down and ran to a window to look out! I have to think she was SO relieved that she could see again! I have a picture of her after they got her eyes open on my "personal" website. She had rubbed all the hair off her front paws and from around her eyes from rubbing trying to get her eyes open! If you'd like to see that picture (she looks SO sad) it's at

Now, they had named her Angel at FlawDogs. She didn't really know that name. I renamed her 85 and here is why! I am a HUGE NFL fan! My favorite team is the Cincinnati Bengals and my favorite player is Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco. His number is???....85! He even used to call himself "85" as if that were his name. Well, one day I could NOT find 85 (the black poodle...not Chad OchoCinco!). I was going all over the house calling her. I walked into my office and, as usual, I had NFL Network on the TV. They were playing a commercial that they used to play all the time about Chad (Johnson) OchoCinco. Part of the lyrics of that commercial asks "Where ya at 85?" Out of habit I started singing along. Just as I got to the part that says "Where ya at 85?" she poked her head out from under one of the Kuranda beds in my office! It was if she was saying...."Here I am!" So, her name became 85! Believe it or not she answers to that name too! She even answers to Ocho sometimes!

We think that whoever glued her eyes shut was a "stout" person. She does fine with me but she is DEATHLY afraid of Karl (my husband). She will also bark at my friend Judy sometimes. Karl is a big guy and Judy has sort of broad shoulders and is rather well endowed in the chest department (grin). It's not all men though. We had a guy come to install my receiver for DirecTV once and when he went in my office where she was she didn't bark at him or anything. She barks at Karl all the time. Well, she barks at him if he's standing up and walking. She doesn't seem to mind if he's sitting down. Karl doesn't like it that she's so afraid of him and that she barks at him but he does understand that she's scared. She NEVER tries to bite or attack or anything. She just barks and if he happens to be going towards her when she starts barking she keeps barking and runs to find a place to hide.

Here is one more picture of her. I know it's not a good picture. It is really hard to get a good picture of her. She seems afraid of the camera and will hide her face. It's also hard to get a good picture when what you are trying to take a picture of is solid black!

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