Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cochise (now known as Floyd)

OK...I know....I promised the pics of Floyd a few days ago and I'm just now getting them up here. I'm sorry! Things are just kinda crazy around here! But, no more are two pics of him.

He's mad at me in this picture!!!! The poor little guy really smelled! I gave him a bath and he was NOT happy! So, I wrapped him up in this little remnant of a blanket so he would get warm again. I then gave him to my husband. Whenever we've had a really small one here my husband will sometimes "tuck" them into his housecoat to calm them when they get stressed out! The little guy stayed there and snuggled for quite a while!

In this picture he is just sitting on one of the "big girl" pillows. As you can see from the subject line of this post I've changed this little guy's name! Judy, the lady that runs the rescue, named him Cochise. She said that means warrior in at least one of the American Indian tribes. This little guy certainly is a warrior. But, my husband couldn't seem to remember that name. He called him Cisco the other morning. I said "Who?"....then he came up with Chico. Again, I said "Who?" I have another tiny little Yorkie girl and her name is Emma. I named her after my maternal grandmother. My maternal grandfather's name was Floyd. So, this little guy became Floyd!

Floyd is doing SO much better! He is now eating without me having to syringe feed him. He's been running around and playing alot more too. He's even been outside. Because of his little foot being so raw we hadn't been letting him go outside because we didn't want all that extra bacteria on his little foot. Well, Judy came up with getting baby socks and putting it over that one leg and letting him outside. I ran over to our local 5 & Dime yesterday and bought a little pack of socks. He LOVES it outside! He runs and sniffs and runs and sniffs some more!

We do know that that back leg will have to come off. We were afraid we were going to have to have it done sooner than we wanted to. The vet wanted him to gain some weight before we even attempted surgery. He told us that if Floyd started chewing on his foot or leg that we would have to go ahead and have it done. Floyd started chewing! I made the appointment for the surgery. In the mean time I crafted by own collar to keep him from being able to chew on his foot. I know they make those cone shaped things for that but I didn't want him to have to wear that for weeks! So, I just made a really wide collar out of MANY layers of cardstock and glued all the layers together. I then covered that in some nice soft fleece cloth and put a couple of hooks type closures on the collar. It works like a charm! Since he's acting like he feels better by eating on his own and running and playing we have decided to put off the surgery until we can get a little weight on this little guy!

So, this is Floyd! He is a sweetheart!

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  1. Floyd is adorable!!! Makes me want a puppy, but then I think of all of the work! I hope his surgery goes well, poor little guy! I bet he's pretty cute though, running around in little socks!


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