Sunday, July 26, 2009


OH BOY....the Royal Blog Tour begins TODAY!!! There is one main blog you can start at to be sure and see all the fun stuff that has been prepared and created! If I read right there are EIGHTY blogs on the tour!!! HOW will one go to and see all eighty blogs in one day you might ask! Well, the really good thing is that you don't have just one day to see them all! You have THREE days! July 26 (today), 27 and 28!!!!! The one main blog I mentioned above is at - so click that URL and go see some really cool stuff!!!!

Now, I'm sorry to make this so short but I gotta get my mouse all geared up to do some major clicking! So, I'm gonna go fill up my coffee mug, make a pit stop in the bathroom and then come back here and start clicking. I suggest you do the same!

Now, click on that URL in the first paragraph and prepare to see some really cool creations and prepare to be inspired!!!!!

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