Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pulled Reinkers

There are a few different things I want to cover with this post! First, you can see from the picture what I "do" with all these techniques. My memory SO sucks that I'd either forget how to do a technique or completely forget that I know how to do it! So, I make these cards. I'll use this picture to explain the size of each card. In this picture the orange cardstock is 6 inches by 6 inches. It's Pumpkin Pie. The next layer is the blue and it's 5 3/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches and is Not Quite Navy. Usually I make the white part with the instructions 5 inches by 5 inches and then attach punched out pieces of the "sample" of what the finished technique looks like around the 5 by 5 piece. Instead of doing that I cut the "sample" to be part of the background behind the instructions. I store all of these cards in one of Stampin' Up's! 6 by 6 scrapbook albums. I've got so many technique cards now that I need to get some sort of bin to store them all in! You can probably read the card well enough to see how to do the technique. I did use three different colors of reinker even though you can't really see one of them. I used Pumpkin Pie, Not Quite Navy and Old Olive. It's the Old Olive that you can't see that well.

Now, for my second "thing" to cover with this post. How do you like my new background? Michelle Laycock did all the graphics for my blog a while back. I get updates from her blog pretty much daily. She came up with a new type of background. If you will scroll some you will see that my plaid background "moves" but the paw prints over on the right don't! When she sent out a post from her blog about her new type of background I HAD to have one! I did like the stripes I had as my background before but you wouldn't be able to tell that it was scrolling but the paw prints weren't! So, that's why I had her make the plaid background. I did like the stripes better though! LOL Michelle does some GREAT graphics. If you are interested in maybe having her make some graphics for your blog check out her site. There is a banner for her site in the sidebar over on the right.


  1. Love the technique. I wonder if once that's dry you could turn it 90 degrees and do it again to make a plaid??? It's so intriguing. Thanks for sharing the technique. It's new to me.

    Love the addition to your background. Always liked the paws so I'm glad they stay put!!! Hope you're doing well. Do come by sometime when you are in town. Would love to chat over coffee.

  2. Sorry, I've been missing in action lately - not feeling the very best - some sort of bug I guess. I'm making a note of this technique, it sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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