Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Folded Christmas Tree

How CUTE are these little trees? I know it's past Christmas but I just had to try making these of paper! My "inspiration" for these little cuties is below! My mother-in-law is a WHIZ with a piece of cloth, a needle and some thread! Each Christmas I get at least a little something handmade by her. The picture below is part of this year's handmade "something". She gave me two matching napkins for our Christmas dinner table! When I saw these I immediately thought..."I bet I can make these with paper!" I CAREFULLY unfolded the napkin just in case it was going to be difficult to get it folded back correctly! Turns out...it's just a half circle folded just so to make a tree shape! I wish I could give you exact dimensions for the folding but that will all depend on the size of circle you start with. The picture below will hopefully show you just how you do the folds. You may have to fold, unfold and then refold to get the folds just right but as long as you don't really press to really crease the paper you should be OK! Then, I just hand-cut little rectangles from Chocolate Chip and attached to the back of the "tree" to make the trunk! Of course, as many of you might be able to tell, the paper trees themselves are made from the Merry Moments Designer Series Paper.

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  1. Those are fabulous! What a great idea! Those would make great tree ornaments, package decorations, place cards, or you could of course use it on a card!!! Just the cutest and most clever little goodies! Thanks for sharing!


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