Friday, December 18, 2009

Tea Bag Folding Cards

OK...first....a little bit of explanation. There is a group of about 5 or so of us here in the small town I live in that get together once a month. One of the girls is actually my upline. Her name is Gerilynn. Anyway, Gerilynn designs about 5 cards and we all go and make the cards and chat and laugh and carry on! We each pay Gerilynn for her supplies and snacks. Well, for December we each designed a card and brought all the stuff to make the card to Gerilynn's. Gerilynn still provided the snacks but there was no charge. The card on the left was designed by Julie Getz. LOVE it! So, I had to make one of my own using Stampin' Up! products to send to my mother-in-law. The card on the right is my "take" on Julie's card.

So, Julie, just let me say "Thanks ALOT! It's all your fault that I now have a new obsession to add to my list of obsessions! Like I really needed a new one!!!!" (grin)

Seriously, I have spent the last few days looking all over the internet for new folds! So, don't be surprised of you all see lots more cards with tea bag folding on them!

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