Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watercolor Roses

I know I'm WAY behind on making these. There is a funny story behind these roses though! I did try way back when everyone was making these. I never could get mine to come out looking as nice as everyone else did. I visited Kelly Mayou's blog (The Weekend Stamper) and she AND her then 5 year old son had made one each. Well, if a 5 year old could make one why couldn't I???? So, I left a comment on Kelly's blog telling her that I was SO upset because Jay (her son) could make one but I couldn't. Next thing I know I got an evelope in the mail from Kelly. She sent me a really pretty butterfly she had made using this technique, Jay's watercolor rose and a note. Here is part of the note: "Jay said it was OK for me to send you his rose 'in case she can't do it like me.'....I just thought that was SO sweet and funny!!! (Yes...I kept the note too!) So, Kelly, if you see this you MUST call Jay in to show him his rose and MINE!!!! Jay made the pink colored on on the blue card and I made the yellow one. I still think Jay's looks better than mine though!!!!

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  1. Well, sweetie, both are beautiful. I'd say you mastered the technique. Can you believe I haven't tried it yet? Love it...but just haven't gotten to that one yet. Your card is beautiful!


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