Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cherry On Top Blog Award

I got this really cute award from Kathy Bradley back on October 14. I was so worried about getting you pics of my Halloween cards and then Thanksgiving cards that I never got this posted! SHAME ON ME! Anyway, along with the award I am supposed to tell you three "fun (or weird) facts" about myself. So, here goes. First, I LOVE paranormal romance books. You know...the ones about vampires and werewolves and such! I especially LOVE the ones about werewolves or "shape shifters"! Second, I consider my dogs and cats my kids. To some that may not seem weird but to alot of folks it certainly is weird. Course, I could care less what those folks think! Third, I drive my husband absolutely INSANE with my being anal about organizing things! He is SO not an organizer and I MUST have stuff organized! I just don't want to have to dig through a pile of "stuff" to find what I'm looking for! I want to know exactly where it is and be able to get my hands on it when I need it! I organize all my stuff. And, then I sometimes re-organize it time and time again! I just drive him NUTS!

I am also supposed to pass this award on to five other blogs that inspire me. Here are the blogs and their makers that I've chosen.

Diane Noble of Diane's Designs -

Gayla O'Dell and Melissa Rodgers of MeGa Stampin' Studio -

Kelly Mayou of The Weekend Stamper -

Mary Jo Price-Williams of TechnoStamper -

Marisol Gutierrez of A Touch of Sol -

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